Januari 2024

My Journey to Self-Harmony and Worthiness

At the crossroads of Eastern values and Western individualism, I found myself grappling with a profound question: How do we find true harmony within ourselves? It’s a question I recently explored with Savannah Blake on her inspiring podcast series.

Growing up in the Eastern world, I was cradled in a culture that prizes harmony over the outspoken authenticity celebrated more widely in the West. This offers both blessings and challenges. Through my personal journey, I’ve learned a pivotal truth: To live in harmony with yourself is to cultivate a garden of peace, ease, and joy that blossoms outward to others. Conversely, when we are in discord with our inner selves, that turbulence ripples into the lives of those around us. Hence, I’ve learned to honour my own natural energy flow and carve out a routine that nourishes my soul and empowers my business, even though that routine may not be a mainstream practice.

It took me years of introspective work to transform my head knowledge into heart knowledge, and in that metamorphosis, I discovered another universal truth: Knowing is the map, but implementing is the journey. It’s through action that the hidden treasures of knowledge reveal themselves.

I invite you to join me in unraveling these insights by listening to the podcast episode “Breaking Down Patterns of Stress and Worthiness.” Here’s the link to the episode :

And if my story resonates with you, let’s connect. Together, we can explore how you too can navigate the intricate dance of work-life integration, overcome stress, and step into a life of worthiness and self-acceptance.


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