Oktober 2023

Redefining Female Leadership through Inner Work

I am thankful to be featured in Forbes England magazine’s Leadership section. The article is titled “Balancing Achievement and Well-being: The Journey of Sustainable Success Through Holistic Self-Care”.

Looking back, I can see that I am where I am today because I invested a lot in my own inner work. For me, self-leadership has become the cornerstone of leading others.

One pivotal aspect of my self-care journey, particularly as a woman leader, was shedding the stereotype that views female leaders as mothers. Society tends to parentify leaders and expecting them to be caretakers, hence placing an undue burden on them. However, it’s essential to remember that leaders are, first and foremost, human beings.

I made a decision to no longer carry the responsibility for other people’s thoughts and emotions. Instead, I chose to focus on taking responsibility for my own. This shift has been transformative. It has allowed me to lead with authenticity and self-care, ultimately enhancing my ability to lead others effectively.

In my journey, I’ve learned the importance of getting clear on what I can expect in each relationship and vice versa, as well as setting strong boundaries, all while doing it with love both for others and myself.

If you are interested in embracing holistic self-care on your path to leadership excellence, Iet’s connect.

Let’s redefine what it means to be a leader, break free from stereotypes, and create a more balanced and fulfilling path to success.

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