Juli 2023

Redefining Worthiness: The Power of Unconditional Self-Love

Can you imagine a life where success is not achieved at the expense of self-care but rather in harmony with it? Years ago I couldn’t even imagine that. In my fast-paced, high-demand life at that time, I undervalue rest. I’ve came a long way since then. Working on unconditional self-love has transformed my life for the better.

Recently, TED Conferences shared an insightful infographic about the 7 types of rest. It emphasizes the holistic nature of well-being. That post reminds me of my journey in uplevelling my self-care holistically.

As a female coach and counselor who is also leading a social enterprise for more than a decade, I have experienced firsthand the challenges faced by high-performing women in prioritizing self-care. Most of us are well-versed in the art of achieving goals and exceeding expectations. However, one area that often requires extra attention for us is holistic self-care.

In my journey of uplevelling my self-care, I’ve discovered that this condition often stems from the belief “I am not worthy enough of self-love”. Replacing this irrational belief with the following alternative thought has been super helpful for me: I am worthy enough to deserve unconditional self-love.

I have repeated this affirmation countless times, allowing it to seep into every fiber of my being. It has helped me to let go the belief that my worthiness is dependent on external achievements or the approval of others. And at the same time, it strengthens the belief that I am deserving of love, care, and nurturing, simply because I exist.

Yes, making the shift towards prioritizing self-care may seem challenging at first, but the rewards are immense. When we embrace self-love, we would be empowered to make choices that allow ourselves to be well-rested in each of the 7 types of rest. And this will undoubtedly results in increased productivity and well-being.

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