September 2023

The Resilient Journey from Corporate to Social Empowerment

In my recent interview with Jessica McGann for her upcoming Pivot Point Podcast, I delved into the pivotal moments that have shifted my journey from corporate success in the property world to leading a social enterprise dedicated to empowering individuals on a path of self-discovery, emotional healing, and personal growth.

During our conversation, I shared two pivot moments that occurred during a period of intense stress when my son faced significant health challenges. In the span of 10 years he had to go through 7 surgeries, and the first one was when he was one year old (all sharings were done with his consent). Thankfully he is well now. Indeed, life’s challenges can be daunting, but they can also be transformative.

The first wake-up call that I had came in the form of psychosomatic illness, a message from my body that self-care couldn’t be ignored. Another moment was sparked by a simple yet profound question from my son, leading me on a journey of mental and emotional resilience.

I wholeheartedly believe that persistence in challenging times makes us more resilient. My journey is a testament to this truth.

I hope my story inspires its listeners to persist in difficult situations and integrate success with self-care. As high-performing women, let’s elevate our mental game while prioritizing our well-being.

Full podcast interview coming soon! Feel free to reach out for more. Together, let’s create a world where success and self-care go hand in hand, and high-performing women inspire others! 


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