February 2024

Unlock the Power of Energy in Public Speaking

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes a good public speaking session from an unforgettable one?  After years of experience and countless sessions, I’ve come to believe that one crucial element that makes all the difference is : the energy we bring. Energy and emotions are like ripples in water; they spread far and wide, touching everyone in their path.

Recently, I had the joy of facilitating an “Effective Public Speaking” session for the team at Neo Amca Innovative Solutions under Ethel Aldea’s visionary leadership in Manila, Philippines. Together, we dove deep into how showing up with positive energy can transform not just our words, but also make our messages resonate deeply with our audience. It’s about showing up with a presence that uplifts every single person listening.

But here’s where it gets fascinating – high-frequency emotions such as joy, gratitude, passion, love – these aren’t just feel-good states. They’re powerful tools that can dramatically enhance our ability to communicate effectively. When we tap into these emotions before stepping onto any stage or meeting room (virtual or otherwise), we set a tone that invites connection and inspiration.

During the session with Neo Amca Innovative Solutions’ crew, we explored eye-opening research, shared personal stories vulnerably, and explore practical ways to elevate our speaking vibe.

As someone passionate about fostering well-being, I’ve witnessed firsthand how transformative it can be when we intentionally manage our energy. How do YOU prepare yourself to show up for public speaking? Share your strategies below! Let’s create a ripple effect of positive energy🌟

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