Welcome to Ellen's world

I help high-performing women like you, to uplevel your mental game, so you can experience success, as well as mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual well-being, all at the same time


Ellen Patricia, at your service.

Unlike others, I bring both expertise and personal experiences. As an award-winning female coach who has been leading a social enterprise for more than a decade, I intimately understand the challenges faced by high-performing women who want to be a powerful channel for the good of others, and also for themselves. I’ve been in your shoes and have achieved some significant wins, I can help you experience joyful success.

Different Ways I Can Work With You

One of my highest strengths is love of learning and one of my gifts is teaching. I love sharing what I have within me to help others grow.

This is a program specifically crafted for high-performing women to uplevel their well-being by working on their mental game.

This is your safe space to embrace discomfort and uplevel your mental game to experience success with less stress.

I’m a creatrix and I love creating transformative containers. I’ve created tons of programs, and I can help you create yours.  

What My Clients Say

Temiari Subrana
Founder of 5 Learning Houses

I first got to know Ellen from her Youtube channel. I resonated with her content, and it led me to embark on a life-changing journey with her. Like many, I was grappling with a toxic element in my life. It was like an anchor that dragged me down and I don’t want to carry that any longer. 

Through Ellen’s support and insightful teachings, I’ve not only gained the tools to care for myself but also the ability to liberate myself from that toxic element. The transformative practices she shared have also given me the ability to navigate my emotions with grace. I’ve emerged from this journey with a new found sense of calm and a deeper clarity about my dreams. Ellen’s support has helped me transform my life in profound ways.

Suhamaya Liong

Ellen has been instrumental in guiding me through a transformative journey. She creates a nurturing space where I felt safe to embark on an introspective exploration. 

Through Ellen’s guidance, I began to question the beliefs that had governed my life. It became evident to me that some of these beliefs were not truly mine, but had been shaped by the people around me, especially when I was little. 

The viewpoints that Ellen introduced challenged my preconceived notions and allowed me to consider different possibilities. It was liberating to realize that I had the power to choose my own beliefs. 

The most significant breakthrough came when I confront my fears head-on. The practices Ellen taught me were instrumental in this process, helping me face my worries and anxieties with courage. 

Now, I can confidently say that I know myself better, and my life has taken on a new sense of purpose and meaning. Ellen’s support not only helped me uncover my limiting narratives but also empowered me to break free from their constraints. I now embrace each day with calmness, appreciation, and joy.