November 2023

A Journey Beyond Confirmation Bias

This week I participated in an amazing Leadership book club discussing the book “Think Again” by Adam Grant. The book club was attended by leaders from different parts of the world. Hence, the sharing was incredibly stimulating leaving me with a fire to keep exploring the ideas days later. Huge thanks to Afsheen Ismail-Wey MBA, PCC, CPCC, our incredible host!

One of the highlights for me during the conversation was discussing confirmation bias – our natural tendency to seek out information that aligns with our existing beliefs, while dismissing anything that challenges them. It’s a cognitive bias that hinders our growth. The discussion reinforces in me the importance of working with a coach.

Personally, I thrive on coaching! I’ve found that working with a coach helps me to challenge my assumptions, identify my blind spots, and view things from a different perspective. It also prevents me from treating my emotions as facts and empowers me to make better decisions. I’d say working with a coach regularly has transformed my leadership. And, in my own experience as a coach, I’ve witnessed the power of addressing these blind spots in my clients.

Having said that, for me, working with a coach isn’t just about leveling up. It’s also about nurturing my well-being and practicing self-care, as it provides me with a space to reflect, grow, and prioritize my well-being amidst the demands of high performance.

How about you? If you have strategies that you personally have found helpful in minimizing confirmation bias in a way that nurtures you, do share it in the comment. I’d love to hear from you.


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