Agustus 2023

Embracing Mistakes on the Road to Success

In a world where achievements echo loudly, as high-performing women, we often feel pressured to set unrealistically high standards for our careers, relationships, and personal lives. Consequently, this sets us up towards an endless quest for perfection in meeting what we perceive as expected of us, taking a toll on our well-being. It took me years to unlearn the pattern of succumbing to society’s expectation of perfection and embracing the courage to own my flaws and imperfection.

These words of Sir Ken Robinson have been a great inspiration in my journey: “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”

This wisdom has been one of my guiding lights whenever I face crossroads and delve into uncharted territories. It evokes the courage in me to experiment with various strategies to figure out what works for me and my contexts, willing to embrace mistakes and the lessons they bring. This has been my path to authentic succes.

What words of wisdom have been a source of courage for you to to rise above the chains of perfectionism? I invite you to share them in the comment. Together let’s create a future wherein imperfections blend into the symphony of success.


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