Desember 2023

Metamorphosis of Well-Being

This upcoming week marks our holiday break—a time of rejuvenation to cultivate holistic well-being for both myself and my team. This holiday break is a tradition that we have implemented in recent years. In the past, we hustled through the days between Christmas and New Year’s, driven by the fear of not completing our tasks. However, the truth is that there is always more to be done; work is never truly finished.

Through years of silent work on myself, I unearthed the power of trust and surrender to the benevolent Higher Being and learned to lean more on Divine grace. This shift became a guiding light for me, enabling me to take one day at a time, focusing on achievable tasks and trusting that I am always taken care of. Embracing grace has also made me open to creative solutions and miracles, enabling me to navigate challenges with resilience and calm.

As I look back, I can see how true success really extends beyond overt accomplishments; it encompasses the ability to nurture oneself physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. I’m so grateful for the lessons that my journey has brought because my metamorphosis, though deeply personal, has rippled through my professional life, touching the lives of my people.

With a heart brimming with gratitude, I extend warm wishes to everyone. May the holidays bestow upon you joy, peace, and the sacred space to celebrate the incredible being you are. And as we stand on the cusp of a new year, I’m excited to co-create an even more extraordinary chapter together. Here’s to the journey ahead and the boundless possibilities it brings for each of us.

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