Januari 2024

Nurturing Inner Peace

As we step into the new year, I take time this week to reflect and glean lessons from the past year. 2023 stands out as one of the most challenging years I’ve experienced, navigating numerous changes in the social enterprise I lead. From technological shifts to systemic changes and personnel transitions, it felt like I was steering through uncharted waters. Yet, as I look back, I am not just grateful for having weathered the storm; I can see profound growth within myself.

One of my biggest takeaways from 2023 is the power of trust and surrender. For me, surrendering is not giving up. Instead, it’s an act of handing over my worries and concerns to a force greater than myself. In my daily practice, I surrender all the outstanding tasks that clamour for my attention, allowing me to quieten the noise in my mind and find solace, especially when the day bids adieu.

I consider my trust and surrender routine like a workout for the soul. Just as we strengthen and maintain our muscles through regular exercises, so too can we cultivate a peaceful mind through the conscious act of releasing control and trusting that things happen for us, not to us.

Looking back, I can see the hard things that I experienced in 2023 revealed my resilience and furthered my personal evolution in adaptability. Looking into the future, I carry with me the certainty that whatever lies ahead can be surrendered and entrusted to the benevolent Divine. 

I share my story not as a mere tale, but as an invitation to all high-performing women navigating the intricate dance of life to explore the profound impact that trust and surrender can have on our well-being. If you’re ready to take this journey with a guide who understands the path intimately, I invite you to reach out. Your holistic well-being awaits – let’s walk this path together.


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