Oktober 2023

Shine Bright, Shine True: Revitalizing Lives Through Authenticity

My heart is so filled with gratitude as we wrapped up another batch of the 12-hour Authentic Lives (AL) workshop hosted by our organization yesterday. I am so encouraged by the commitment of the workshop facilitators. Their dedication has allowed us to touch the lives of over a thousand adults and teens through this workshop, helping them discover their authentic selves.

I’m also profoundly thankful to the Divine, who brought together the remarkable participants and facilitators who wish to contribute. Their collective energy and passion have enabled us to make a meaningful impact on society. This recent AL workshop strengthened my belief that as I lean on the Divine in my leadership journey, I am always provided with everything I need.

This year, we revised our organization’s vision statement to “A community of individuals who shine their best, authentic selves.” This vision drives our mission, which is “To support those hungry for personal growth, nurturing their minds and emotions to evolve into the best versions of themselves.” I can see that the AL workshop perfectly embodies these ideals.

As we concluded the workshop, I want to extend an invitation to everyone who feels called to create a positive change to join our organization’s community, either as participants in our programs or as facilitators. Together, let’s make a profound difference in the lives of many, while shining our best, authentic selves.

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