November 2023

The Coach, The Counselor, The Storyteller

I’m mostly known as an award-winning coach and counselor for high-performing women, a consultant for organizations, and the chairwoman of a social enterprise. But there’s another side of me that’s equally close to my heart: helping children navigate through their emotional journey.

I’ve authored two therapeutic storybooks for children, one on conquering fear and the other delving into the emotion of frustration. I’ve also trained many on the art of therapeutic storytelling. In fact today, I’ve just wrapped up another such training in collaboration with Yayasan Sahabat Peduli Anak (YSPA), wherein I had the privilege of training over 80 participants.

You might wonder how these two worlds fit together. The answer is simple: I refuse to be boxed in by my profession or by society’s expectations. I won’t let my profession define me or limit my passions. Our lives are multifaceted, and our interests, abilities, and desires are not constrained by a single label. I’m more than my profession, and so are you!

Your life is a tapestry of passions waiting to be woven. If you feel it’s time for you to step into your authentic self, break free from society’s expectations, and contribute your unique gifts to the world, DM me.

Let’s work together to uncover your multifaceted identity, let your passions flow freely, and contribute in a way that is uniquely, undeniably you.

The world needs you in all your multidimensional glory. The world needs you, embracing your passions and making choices that are aligned with your interests, abilities, and desires. The world needs you, showing up and contributing authentically.


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