November 2023

The Power of Non-Attachment in Everyday Life

Have you ever felt the incredible sense of liberation that comes from observing the world around you from a higher perspective? I recently had such experience which reminded me of a profound truth.

Sometime back, I & my family stayed in a room on the 45th floor of a skyscraper. As I gazed out at the cityscape below, something shifted within me. It was as if the world had suddenly been reduced to a miniature, and I was the observer from a distant vantage point. This perspective created in me a sense of greater liberation.

This experience reminded me that the ability to see life from a higher, more non-attached perspective is a powerful tool for remaining peaceful & free in the face of life’s ever-changing landscape. When we can let go of excessive clinging and aversion to transient experiences, we free ourselves from riding the emotional rollercoaster.

One practice that has significantly helped me embody this inner freedom is the habit of decluttering. For me, decluttering is not just about organizing my physical spaces, it’s also about clearing my mental and emotional clutter. By letting go of attachments, I make room for a more spacious state of being.

I invite you to reflect on your journey. What habits or practices have helped you embody inner freedom? Share your insights and let’s inspire one another on this path to a more liberated and peaceful existence.


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