September 2023

A Third Way to Parenting and Success

In a world that often approaches life with “either or” mentality, the book “Tiger Mom: Can a Tiger Mom Raise Children Without Claws and Roaring?” by Endinda Krista offers a refreshing perspective. It challenges this way of thinking and delves into how Asian parents can embrace gentle parenting without forsaking their cultural values.

As I immersed myself into the book, I was struck by its applicability beyond parenting. Its core principles, rooted in respecting both our own needs and the needs of others, hold profound lessons for power dynamics in various life aspects, whether in personal or workplace relationships. The message is clear: life need not be a matter of “either-or.”

This departure from the “either-or” mentality resonates with me on a profound level. High-performing women frequently feel pressured to make a stark choice between success and self-care. I firmly believe that we can attain both. It’s not an elusive dream; it’s a tangible reality awaiting our embrace. In my work, I empower high-performing women to achieve success while nurturing their well-being.

There is always a third way. In parenting, the third path is illuminated by the principles in Endinda Krista’s book which showcases how gentle parenting and the preservation of Asian values can harmoniously coexist. I applaud Endinda Krista for reshaping the “either or” narrative in parenting and igniting a spark of positive transformation.


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