September 2023

Capturing Happiness in Simple Selfie Moments

Recently, my family and I went on a short getaway to a beach area. We decided to just unwind without jam-packing our schedule. It was during this downtime that I discovered an unexpected source of fun – taking selfies!

I played with angles and had a good laugh at my quirky attempts. It wasn’t about achieving the perfect picture. It was about embracing the process and having fun with it. And guess what? I had an absolute blast.

Reflecting on those moments, I am reminded that joy can be found in the most ordinary activities. When we immerse ourselves in the present moment and let go of expectations, we can greatly enjoy the simple pleasures of life. We don’t always need grand adventures to experience happiness. Sometimes, it’s as simple as the click of a phone camera.

We can be high achievers and still find time for ourselves, for moments of sheer fun, and for the pure joy of being present.

What simple activities have brought you fun and enjoyment recently? Share your stories, and let’s inspire each other to create a life where success and self-care coexist harmoniously.


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