July 2023

Navigating Success Through Self-Care

Some years ago, I embarked on a quest to uplevel my self-care. I believed deep down that success shouldn’t come at the cost of neglecting our own well-being. But, at that time I was uncertain about the path I needed to take. Yet, I held onto the belief and kept taking the next right step.

Then the pandemic hit us. At that time, nature became my companion and my refuge for mental and spiritual care. Through nature, I found solace amidst life’s uncertainty. It provides a sanctuary where I could heal, reflect, and reconnect with my inner self, leading to peace and clarity.

In the tranquility of nature, I experienced more than just personal rejuvenation. The time spent immersed in nature became an opportunity to connect with the Divine. The whispering winds, rustling leaves, and babbling fountains spoke a language that resonated deep within my soul.

Nature’s influence transcended my personal self-care and found its way into my professional work. A vision began to take shape—the creation of a unique nature coaching model called EnLightEnSS in early 2022. This coaching model draws upon nature to support individuals towards growth.

Yesterday marked the completion of the first day of the 4th batch of my Nature Coaching training program. Witnessing the participants’ eagerness to learn reaffirmed my conviction that success and self-care can coexist. It is a testament to the fact that we have the power to create the life we desire.

C.S. Lewis once said, “We are what we believe we are.” This profound truth underscores the importance of challenging and breaking through our limiting beliefs. If you have allowed success to overshadow your self-care, this is an invitation to believe in yourself, challenge your limiting beliefs, dismantle the barriers that hold you back, and create the life you have always envisioned. It’s time for us, high performing women, to thrive holistically and experience success without compromise.


If my words have resonated with you and you are ready to embark on a transformative journey, I invite you to connect with me. Send me a direct message, and let’s have a conversation to sense if we are a good fit. The path awaits you, and I am here to guide you every step of the way.

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