Agustus 2023

The Integrated Life: Where Productivity Meets Well-Being

The way we think about balancing our work and personal lives is changing. Instead of keeping them separate, more and more people are embracing a new concept called work-life integration.

Ellen Ernst Kossek beautifully describes integration as “finding ways to create congruence between various aspects of our lives. It’s not about strict separation, but about making different areas work in harmony.”

Indeed, integration is about finding harmony among different parts of our lives, rather than keeping them strictly apart. It’s not about spending equal hours on work and personal stuff. Instead, it’s about blending different aspects together.

One of my ways to create integration is through leveraging the flexibility that modern technology and remote work offer. I can work anywhere, I don’t have to stick to one place. Hence, I can mix work and leisure. And often, being in a new environment sparks fresh thoughts and creativity in me.

To make this works for me, I keep myself open to adapt as I respond to the constantly changing landscape of needs, challenges, and growth. It boils down to finding harmony between productivity and well-being, between getting things done and taking care of myself.

That’s why I allow myself the freedom to not always align with traditional office hours. On certain days, I only work when I’m most productive, and that leaves me time for things and activities that rejuvenate me.

How about you? How do you blend work and life? Feel free to share your experience in the comments and let’s learn from each other!


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